Armonica Film is an international video company providing explainer video production services. We are in Singapore.

We are a team of specialists in explainer video production, working in Singapore and Asia. Companies from all over the World have entrusted us to create their best product videos since 2005. 

When a company introduces a new product on the market, the best way to do it is usually with a video. Our team is specialized in this field and can suggest different ways to proceed. For example, we can film a product video during the actual launch on the market, if that includes a panel presentation or an exhibition. We can also realize an explainer video, more similar to a tutorial, if the product presents specific functionalities to be explained to the public. Or we can even film the entire production chain for a specific product, for example if it is built by artisans working in a laboratory, giving the viewers an inside view at the actual making process of what they are seeing or purchasing. 

Depending on what our clients prefer, we can also realize commercial videos promoting their products, to be used online or on television. In this specific case, we often collaborate with marketing departments to better understand their requirements. Thanks to our long experience, we can guarantee we’ll always be able to find the best ways to focus the attention of the viewers on the best features of a product, both from an aesthetic and a functional point of view. 

Our team of professional DPs, camera operators, audio technicians and producers always work with the most modern, updated equipment, to keep up to an ever-changing market and always provide the best quality available. Fill in our form to get a free quote