Armonica Film is an international video company providing wellness and health video production services. We are in Singapore.

We are a team of specialists in health video production, working in Singapore and in most of the Asian continent. International medical companies from everywhere in the World have chosen us for their productions, since 2005. 

Many different types of videos can be included under the definition of health video. There are, for example, informative medical videos, which often includes interviews with doctors and patients, usually before and after a specific procedure. Their purpose is to show the positive results of surgery or treatment, and they can be used on websites, social media or medical online platforms. Then we have wellness videos, which are more focused on lifestyle and beauty, for example massage videos, tutorial videos for training, yoga or physical exercise in general. 

Finally, we have surgical videos, which are usually meant for educational purposes and aimed to medical students or medical professionals for continuing education. Over the years, our camera crew gained a lot of experience in this type of environment and can film inside operating rooms, always guaranteeing the privacy of the patient and the safety of everyone involved. 

Our team is perfectly aware that some medical topics may be delicate to deal with, for both patients and doctors. That’s why we only work in this field with the minimum equipment necessary, always following the strict procedures required for these environments, in order to avoid any discomfort and unnecessary disturb. Our modern gear allow us to keep high quality standards even in difficult situations. 

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