Armonica Film is an international video company providing documentary video production services. We are in Singapore.

We are a team of specialists in documentary video production, providing our services in Singapore and Asia. Since 2005, we worked on documentary productions for clients coming from all over the world. 

When thinking about a documentary, there is not only one thing that comes to mind. Often, they can be very different to one another. We can think about the classic observatory documentary, focused on nature, animals, breathtaking landscapes; or we can think about an on-the-road story, which can be described as a travel documentary. Then, of course, there are scientific documentaries, focused on specific aspects of science or tech; and there are biopic documentaries, case histories about people, their job or aspects of their daily life.  

Our amazing team is able to realize all types of documentaries, in all kinds of environment. We can help our clients emphasize the beauty of natural landscapes, as well as that of historical cities. We can film inside museums, archives, exhibitions and laboratories, thanks to our light and compact equipment, and our many years of experience. 

Our team includes professional DPs, camera operators, audio technicians and producers, and we always use the best, most modern equipment available on the market, to guarantee the highest quality of our contents. Some members of our crew are multilingual, therefore they can help in communicating with locals on productions abroad, as well as providing translations to be used for voice over or subtitles. 

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