Hire a camera crew to film your video in Singapore.

Armonica Film is the best partner for our clients in the video production field. When hiring our camera crew, they put their trust in our professional personnel and our efficient, high-quality equipment: we don’t take this lightly. We have specialized crews for all types of productions, from corporate videos to fashion videos, from documentaries to tutorials, from health videos to aerial filming and many others. Our team includes DoPs, camera operators, audio technicians, editors, producers, fixers and translators. 

Thanks to our experience of several years in the business, we developed a quick, efficient way of working. We take care of our clients in every aspect of the production, from the first idea to the final, edited video. Our equipment includes different types of cameras, such as Canon C300 MKIII, Canon C70, Sony FX3, Sony FX6, Sony FX9, Blackmagic 6K, Red Komodo, Arri Alexa. We will accommodate the preference of our clients and choose the best camera depending on the type of video and the location they need. Our equipment is always updated to keep up with the standards of the market and provide the highest quality currently available. 

We are specialists in interview filming, and some members of our crew can also act as interviewers, if needed. Moreover, we can provide editing on location, live streaming services, highlight videos almost in real time and daily upload of contents on the Web. Delivery is usually possible after a few hours from filming, via mail or download, according to our clients’ needs.

Every member of our camera crews is professional, flexible, careful and prepared. Over the years, we adapted to the most different environments, which made us prepared to face all situations and solve any possible problems in no time. We are in Singapore but can work for our clients in most of the Asian continent. Fill in our contact form to get a free quote